Does the Professor have a problem giving any points on a test

Hello. First off I would like not to tell my name just yet due to fear of my graduation but i have need to tell this interesting story to someone higher than myself and I

Hello. First off I would like not to tell my name just yet due to fear of my graduation but i have need to tell this interesting story to someone higher than myself and I thought of you. I’m currently a Biology major who has performed at every level that the school has asked me to perform in. Currently, I’m suppose to graduate in May after I pass my classes this semester. Well, there’s a problem there. It’s name is Dr. Lin from Physics 121 and 122. I’m in Physics 122. Now don’t get me wrong, Dr. Lin is an excellent teacher where I have learned alot of science from him this semester but his problem is grading. We had a midterm last month that covered roughly 7 chapters. A good majority of the class had grades 50 or below. I received a 30. I never failed a midterm in my college academics so I decided to review the test. From what it looked like, most of my answers were 3/4 right until I made an error in my work which would lead me to an incorrect answer. Dr. Lin did not accept any partial credit which would lead to zero credit to every answer. I’m not the only person who had this problem also. Many students are in my situation where they are trying to survive the class because we are graduating this May and will even settle for a C- now. Amazingly, Dr. Lin gave four 0’s as grades during the first midterm. Now I know there are those who can not get Physics but giving zeros to those who are trying and quite possibly used the right formula but made an error in using it. The biology department is at odds with the physics department because many students are leaving 122 and entering into a lower physics level. I only found out this information a couple of days ago where i couldn’t switch. Dr. Roberts, who is part of the biology department, handles with students and its classes must see the problem and has told a few others about his dislike with the situation. With further information about Dr. Lin is that he has bad mouth the Temple Faculty by saying that it’s the entire staff’s fault for our low grades and that many professors do not care about teaching anymore and give easy grades. Rumor as it, and it sees truth by his attitude and grading method, that he is on probation due to last semester as he failed many students. If a professor is on probation and has not changed his grading style, why is he still teaching a major lecture class where it is only offered once a year and can determine a senior’s graduation timetable. Another point is that those, including myself, who are struggling to survive the lecture class are doing very well in Physics lab since the lecture does incorporate itself into the lab work. So if a student can receive full credit in lab how come a student can not receive full or half credit on a exam or quiz problem. This is a problem for myself and others and would like to see the adminstration take action with this problem. The reason I sent you this story is that I would like to see some kind of acknowledge to the staff or to the president himself if you do publish this story or not. Well, thank you for reading this situation with Temple University and please email me at if you need more information or if you are going to make reference about this story

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