Drayton looks to rebuild “Temple TUFF” moniker

Newly-appointed Temple University football coach Stan Drayton said at a press conference this morning, his priority is to gain the player’s trust.

Stan Drayton, newly-appointed head coach of Temple University football, holds a jersey with his last name on it in the Fox-Gittis room at the Liacouras Center on Dec. 16. | ZAMANI FEELINGS/TEMPLE ATHLETICS / COURTESY

Stan Drayton, the newly-appointed head coach of Temple University football, spoke for the first time this morning alongside President Jason Wingard and Vice President and Athletic Director Arthur Johnson in the Fox-Gittis room at the Liacouras Center. 

Drayton, formerly the University of Texas’ running backs coach, first addressed the players in the corner of the room about what he hopes to accomplish during his tenure.   

“When I am with you every single day, I’m going to try to instill that fire that I had to get to this point,” Drayton said. “You guys hear me on that? I’m going to need you to carry that flag for me.” 

Drayton, who was an assistant for 28 years, said he wanted to become a head coach for a long time. He believes his previous experience of helping lead teams to championships and the culture he built in his running back room at Texas will translate into his role at Temple.

After former head coach Rod Carey was fired on Nov. 29, Johnson met with the team to discuss openly what players are looking for in their next coach, he said. 

“I heard you,” Johnson said. “The feedback you provided was used to help build a profile of the candidates. Now I will ask you again, to give Coach Drayton and his staff an opportunity to pour into you as they have with so many other student-athletes in their careers.” 

Drayton is the team’s fifth head coach in eight years, and his priority is to build trust with the players, he said. 

He plans to gain their trust by keeping a consistent character, earning the team’s respect and building a connection outside of the football field, Drayton added. 

Drayton spoke with the players on Zoom last night after he was hired, and expressed to the group they will achieve greatness as long as they uphold the brotherhood already established at Temple. 

“This program will be built on discipline and toughness,” Drayton said. “Not just any kind of toughness talking about Temple TUFF. I learned about Temple TUFF 20 years ago, turn the television on and Temple TUFF shows up in your actions.” 

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