Editorial: Reelect Alan Butkovitz for city controller

Alan Butkovitz has made a career out of fixing issues pertinent to the Temple community.

More than six months before a building collapse in Center City left six people dead and the city’s Department of Licenses and Inspections  in a whirlwind of controversy, City Controller Alan Butkovitz released a report exposing similarly poor inspection practices at building sites all around Main Campus.

Butkovitz, a two-term controller who is up for reelection in next week’s general election, has persistently shown himself to be adept at exposing inefficient and irresponsible practices in Philadelphia’s vast municipal government. During his tenure, Butkovitz has also shown dedication in looking out for oft-overlooked areas of the city, particularly the North Central area where many Temple students live.

For these reasons, The Temple News is endorsing Butkovitz in his reelection campaign for City Controller.

The Construction Activity Review of North Central Philadelphia released by Butkovitz in October 2012 highlighted a number of issues involving construction practices at off-campus building sites, notably the extensive code violations and lack of proper oversight from the city.

Butkovitz specifically noted illegal dumping and a lack of dust screens that left busy streets filled with debris. For years, tensions have been brewing in the North Central area around Temple as an increasing amount of students rent property in what has traditionally been a residential neighborhood.

While town-gown relations between Temple and the city of Philadelphia have caused a number of issues, Butkovitz was able to use his position to highlight some problems that all people, student or resident, must tackle moving forward.

Despite attempts by City Council in years past to limit the growth of off-campus student housing, the trend has only continued. In order to better achieve community harmony, Philadelphia needs more politicians like Butkovitz willing to address specific problems that can be handled by the university, residents and the city government.

If you are registered to vote in Philadelphia, The Temple News encourages you to vote for Alan Butkovitz on Tuesday, Nov. 5, so as to ensure a continued focus on issues relating to the Temple community.

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  1. Terry Tracy is the better choice. Butkovitz confirmed at a recent debate that he could not promise he’ll serve out his term if re-elected. He wants to Mayor.

    Would you hire someone who tells you in mid-interview that he won’t stay in the job if chosen because he has other plans?

    Tracy is sharp and has run a smart campaign reaching all political stripes. His intelligence and youth will send a signal to the region that we’re open for business for the long term.


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