Editorial: Simplifying scholarships

University efforts to improve scholarship accessibility mark successes.

One week before the start of the semester, Temple created the Office of Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising. Before this office was established, information about scholarships was scattered across various schools and colleges’ websites throughout the university.

Now, with the help of the office, departmental and external scholarships are gathered in a central location on the office’s website. Though this seems like a low-grade, common-sense improvement, consider the difficulty students have while searching for scholarships that aren’t in one location. This consolidation not only reduces the burden on students looking for ways to ease the financial load of college, but also rewards them for accomplishments achieved while in school.

Perhaps the most notable addition from this office is full-time advising for students applying for scholarships. As Marcus McCarthy reports on P. 2, the job of advising students on scholarships was split between other staff members on top of their main jobs. Now there is a full-time adviser, which allows students to work with someone who is exclusively focused on scholarships.

More importantly, the move to create this office and a central repository for scholarships speaks to an administration that has often spoke about the need to ease higher education’s burden on students and is living up to its mission.

Beginning with last year’s base tuition freeze, the administration has implemented a slew of measures aimed at aiding students financially. From a $100 million campaign for student scholarships to the end of registration cancellation, the administration has consistently been living up to its goal.

The Temple News looks forward to more initiatives to curb student debt and encourages Temple to continue implementing measures to ease the financial impact of college on students.

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