Movers & shakers

The Temple News takes the time to highlight those making a difference.

This week is our third Movers & Shakers edition of The Temple News. Movers & Shakers is an idea that started in 2010 in the Living section of The Temple News to profile members of the Temple community who are making a difference. This year, we have returned Movers & Shakers to the Living section, and shifted the focus to members of the Temple community who go above and beyond the classroom, their title or their job on Main Campus. We expanded our definition of a Mover & Shaker to include organizations in addition to individuals.

Movers & Shakers is an important opportunity for The Temple News and the Temple community to recognize the people in our own backyard who are making a difference at Temple, in Philadelphia or in the world.

Unfortunately, The Temple News does not have enough pages in our paper to recognize every single member of the Temple community who would qualify as a Mover & Shaker. With that in mind, we tried to focus our efforts on names that don’t usually make our headlines.

The Temple News encourages everyone to take an active interest in their community and the world around them. We know that between classes, work, family and everything else, life can very easily get in the way of activism, charity work, civic engagement and going that extra mile. That is why we believe it is so important to recognize the people and organizations dedicated to that extra mile.

Movers & Shakers starts on page 7.

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