Editorial: Weekend warriors

With warm weather in sight, explore local and nearby attractions.

In the Living pages of this week’s The Temple News, you will find our Weekender issue. The goal of this theme is simple: to provide a useful guide to students on how to escape the doldrums of student life that so often swallows up those five weekdays each semester.

The importance is more understated but still relevant. College can be a stressful time. Class workloads, time commitments and other tension additives are enough to negatively affect even the most dutifully prepared of students. As such, taking the occasional weekend to relax is essential.

Obviously, in trying to put together an inclusive guide, diversity of ideas is required. Not all students have the same interests, travel capabilities or bank accounts.

To accommodate, we’ve attempted to incorporate activities and locations that appeal to as large a base of people as possible.

And so, in this issue of The Temple News, you can find some trip ideas for Lancaster City, Pa., and South Jersey. There is also a column about places to go using only SEPTA’s Regional Rail. For the people who find themselves unable to leave the city limits, there is an article about ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city environment without ever actually leaving Philadelphia. For the more outdoorsy among us, there is a guide to finding good hiking locations within close proximity of Main Campus. There are even some trip ideas to consider as the weather warms and spring shifts from an eagerly awaited treasure on the horizon to a beautiful reality.

The Temple News would like to encourage its readers to utilize this guide as best they see fit and to go out and make whatever weekends they can secure for the purposes of fun count.

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