Expand Tuttleman’s aid

The university reported shorter wait times for counseling, but some students are still being turned away.

The wait time for a student to receive treatment from Tuttleman Counseling Services has dropped from four and a half weeks to three weeks since Tuttleman relocated to 1700 N. Broad St.

This is an improvement for students, and we applaud the university’s decision to hire more staff to aid students in their mental health needs. This way students can be more successful in their academic lives at Temple.

We also appreciate Tuttleman Director John DiMino’s effort to incorporate treatment techniques like bright light therapy and biofeedback devices.

Still, The Temple News is concerned by the number of students who have been turned away during walk-in clinic hours. And although the university has made great strides in cutting wait times, Temple should not stop striving until all students can be helped at faster rates.

The students who finally muster up the courage to go to Tuttleman should not have to return another day due to overcrowding, whether they’re in crisis or not. Some may not show the signs of crises when they come to Tuttleman. Others who are turned away may never come back, which could allow that students’ mental health issue to worsen. Even if students did return, they still would need to wait three weeks for treatment after their initial appointment. The university misses its chance to help students be successful when it turns them away.

DiMino told The Temple News students are using Tuttleman at higher rates than ever as a part of a national trend in mental health awareness. It is positive self-awareness has increased, but the university must prioritize mental health so it can meet students’ growing needs.

In Temple’s mission statement, it says it aims to help students “excel in scholarly endeavors.” Without a focus on mental health, the university will not be able to fulfill its promises.

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