For baseball, they’ll be Philadelphia fans

Two Philadelphia men appreciate one of the city’s sports teams: the Phils.

Two Philadelphia men appreciate one of the city’s sports teams: the Phils.

ASHLEY NGUYEN TTN Phillies-only fans Shawn Hyman (left) and Qurhir Duncan (right) pass time outside of the North Broad Street Deli.

Qurhir Duncan and Shawn Hyman are both lifelong Philadelphians, but the two men are only loyal to one of the city’s sports teams.

“I only like the Phillies,” Duncan said, a blue and red Phillies cap resting on top of his head. The two men were spending their Sunday afternoon at the North Broad Street Deli on Broad Street and Susquehanna Avenue before the fourth game of the World Series that night.

Duncan said he would be watching the Phillies take on the New York Yankees from the comforts of his own home Sunday night, but that afternoon he and Hyman would be rooting for the New York Giants over the Philadelphia Eagles.

“[The Eagles] are all right, but I’m a [San Francisco] 49ers fan,” Duncan said. “I grew up liking and watching them.”

Hyman deemed himself a “die-hard Steelers fan.”

“I don’t know why I was born in this city,” Hyman said. “I get harassed all the time, every week. I’m known for being a Steelers fan.”

However, Hyman remains loyal to the Phillies, going to Lucky Strike Lanes on Broad and Chestnut streets almost every night the baseball team plays.

“They get the people together,” he said. “It was only a little taste when they won last year.”

Duncan, who ran down Broad Street toward City Hall with the masses when the Phillies won the World Series, agreed.

“We need some good spirit in the city,” he said. “There isn’t a lot. That’s why their wins are so good.”
Whether the Phillies win or lose, Hyman jokingly insisted the city took a turn for the worse four years ago.

“Ever since [Allen] Iverson left the Sports Complex, the city went down,” he said, laughing.

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