Former TUPD officers sentenced to more than 55 years in state prison

Marquis Robinson (left) and Aaron Wright were sentenced to more than 55 years in prison for murder, among other charges. | COURTESY Philadelphia Police

Two former Temple University police officers were sentenced to more than 50 years in state prison on Monday.

Marquis Robinson and Aaron Wright were arrested in May 2016 for involvement in the killing of Joyce Quaweay, Wright’s then-girlfriend. They were also convicted of aggravated assault for beating a then-10-year-old girl who stayed with them and Quaweay.

The men were found guilty of all charges, including third-degree murder, conspiracy and aggravated assault on May 2.

Wright was sentenced to 60 and a half to 141 years, and Robinson was sentenced 55 to 130 years.

The men tied Quaweay to a weight bench and beat her to death. The men used a police baton to beat Quaweay and the then-10-year-old-girl, The Inquirer reported.

Robinson had been fired from TUPD as a result of the charges in July 2016, The Temple News reported. Wright resigned in 2012.

“The death of Joyce Quaweay was a tragic event,” a university spokesperson wrote in an email. “The university has cooperated with the Philadelphia Police Department to help ensure that justice is done.”

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