From confusion to clarity, and the songs in between

Interning as a music blogger helped a communications major connect her future career and love for music.


I was raised to believe that music is one of the most important elements of our universe. My parents surrounded me and my older sister with music, making sure we knew all the classics. They took us to concerts as soon as we were old enough for the music to not hurt our ears. 

They taught us that lyrics and melodies can be infinitely powerful, and now I couldn’t agree more. I’m thankful to wake up every day with the ability to hear, feel, share and create music.

Most of my background is in writing but I’ve never really known where that would take me. When I say I like to write, people ask, “Novels? Short Stories? News?” 

It’s always been none of the above. Writing comes easiest when I’m passionate about whatever I’m communicating. 

During my ongoing career search, I learned that there’s no better job than one that combines my writing skills with what I love most.

This past spring, I looked to a passion which never faltered: music.

I applied as an intern for WXPN radio’s music blog, The Key, because it’s a primarily alternative station that plays a lot of the music I like. I had fallen in love with the station’s West Philadelphia concert venue, World Cafe Live. My father’s band even played there when I was young.

As soon as I entered the radio station’s colorful, vinyl-clad foyer for my interview, I knew it was exactly where I wanted to spend my summer.

I wrote posts discussing new releases from local artists, upcoming concerts in Philly or prominent news in the music world.

I discovered music that I would never have found otherwise and learning about fantastic up-and-coming artists, like RFA, Crumb and Mattiel. Simply sitting in the station’s warehouse-sized office immersed me in music, hearing nearby conversations and tapping my foot to whatever my desk neighbor was jamming to.

I absorbed so much live music during the summer. 

I attended and reviewed shows from artists like Lizzo, Tedeschi Trucks Band and Ringo Starr. I covered several performances at the xPoNential Music Festival in Camden County, New Jersey, this July, with my favorites being indie rock artist Nilüfer Yanya and folk rock band Dawes.

My writing improved as I learned to describe music in an insightful way. I became familiar with turning feelings into words that readers could connect with. 

Being surrounded by hard-working people who live and breathe music was an experience that brought me closer to my career path, but more importantly it connected me with the one thing I’ve loved all my life: music.

I look forward to getting back to music journalism as soon as possible, and connecting to my deep love for music, but for now, I’ll be listening to my alternative tunes.

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