Gov. Wolf extends PA stay-at-home order

Hundreds gathered in Harrisburg to protest the extension of the stay-at-home order.

Gov. Tom Wolf speaking at a press conference about COVID-19 updates.

Gov. Tom Wolf extended a stay-at-home order for Pennsylvania until May 8, he announced at a press conference on Monday.

All stay-at-home orders in the state were originally going to be lifted on April 30.

Beginning today, state wine and spirits shops will offer curbside pickup as of Monday, Wolf said. Wolf said the state will monitor curbside pickup for the wine stores to evaluate if it is safe. If it goes well, Wolf will open up curbside pickup to other retail businesses.

“This is gonna help us determine if curbside pickup can be more broadly applied to a much more diverse retail landscape as well as to other industries,” Wolf said.

Wolf also announced that limited statewide construction with strict social distancing guidelines will begin on May 8. Wolf expanded the number of businesses that can sell products online with a bill he signed this afternoon,  he said in a video on Twitter.

These announcements come after Pennsylvania was hit with 33,232 cases of COVID-19, The Temple News reported. There have been 1,204 deaths in the state due to the disease.

Hundreds of people gathered outside of the capitol in Harrisburg following a trend across the nation of demonstrating against stay-at-home order extensions, Spotlight PA reported.

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  1. There has to be more accountability of what deaths are from. I believe natural deaths are being classified with the disease. When you read articles such as Event 201, read the book Plague of corruption, see leading politicians dumping stock on the onset, showing a store freezer loaded with eccentric ice creams, where is the accountability. I m old on my way out. But feel sorry for the millennials that are caught up in being swayed by politicians that only care about the 1 %. How bout United we stand and let’s get it right. For the people, “ by” the people. Time for the corporation of America to be run by us not the 1 %. We wouldn’t be suffering like we are now. Sry just an old farts point of view

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