Hart attends TSG meeting

President Ann Weaver Hart attended Temple Student Government’s 25th General Assembly meeting of the academic year this Monday.

Hart gave a brief overview of what Temple administration has been doing and answered questions from students.

She focused on Temple’s move toward private fundraising. Administration had set out to raise $300 million by 2009, but they have now moved up the goal to $350 million. They have currently raised more than $288 million. Hart said that the money will mainly be used for student scholarships.

“Private fundraising is going to be huge,” Hart said, adding that administrators “don’t always look to raising price to solve problems.”

Temple’s administration is planning on decreasing energy use and possibly requiring faculty and administrators to use both sides of their papers for hand-outs. Both these initiatives will be good for the environment as well as save money.

Hart said she plans to keep tuition rates competitive and to make sure out-of-state students can still afford to attend Temple. Administration is talking about more institutional aid for out-of-state students and more scholarships to bring in more international students.

Students were mainly concerned with housing and the influx of student enrollment. With more than 4,300 students, the Class of 2011 is the largest class in Temple’s history.

Many asked questions about the lack of housing available to students around campus.

Hart answered with information about the renovation of Temple Towers and possible expansion if students feel there is a need.

Students also expressed concern about the growing enrollment of Temple’s students. Hart responded that the important thing is “balancing investment with growth.” She said that if a college has a growth in student enrollment, the institution should reinvest in the infrastructure.

“Now it’s time to start reinvesting,” Hart said.

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