History professor takes job at NYC museum

History professor Morris J. Vogul has accepted a positition as president of The Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side in New York City.

Vogul will begin his term as president starting this summer. He has taught American history at Temple for the last 30 years, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer article. He served as acting dean of the college of liberal arts from 1999 to 2003.


“The museum is a different way of teaching,” Vogul told The Temple News. “It has 130,000 visitors a year. It is the most visited historic site in Manhattan. It’s a way to be a Temple historian in a different setting.”

The Tenement Museum is housed in an actual six-story tenement building in New York City. Vogul is the second president of the museum, preceded by founding president Ruth J. Abram.

“It’s an outgrowth of the kind of work I’ve been doing while at Temple. I’ve been involved in both public history and social American history. This is an iconic institution in both of those areas. It’s an institution that has done a lot to shape the fields of discipline in which I work. I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity,” Vogul told The Temple News.

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