Joshua Hupperterz’s DNA identified on Temple student Jenna Burleigh’s body

Forensic analysts testified on Monday that Hupperterz’s, not his roommate Jack Miley’s, DNA was found throughout their apartment and on Burleigh.

Junior film and media arts major Jenna Burleigh was allegedly killed by former student Joshua Hupperterz, who has been charged with her murder. | LEFT VIA TEMPLE POLICE, RIGHT VIA PHILADELPHIA POLICE

Philadelphia Prosecutors presented forensic evidence Monday that identified Joshua Hupperterz’s DNA in blood samples from his apartment and on Jenna Burleigh’s body.

DNA from Jack Miley, Hupperterz’s roommate at the time of Burleigh’s death, was not identified in more than 15 blood samples taken from inside Miley and his roommate Hupperterz’s apartment.

Hupperterz is on trial for the murder of Burleigh, a Temple University junior film and media arts major who was killed in August 2017. His attorney, David Nenner, maintains Miley killed Burleigh and Hupperterz pleaded guilty to abuse of corpse and tampering with evidence.

On Monday, the fifth day of trial, prosecutors brought five forensic and DNA analysts from state police and the Philadelphia Police Department to testify on Monday. They presented DNA samples taken from Burleigh’s body and throughout Hupperterz and Miley’s apartment on 16th Street near Cecil B. Moore where Burleigh was killed.

Forensic experts found Hupperterz’s DNA in blood spattered throughout the first floor and basement of the off-campus apartment. Hupperterz’s DNA was identified in semen samples taken from Burleigh.

Analysts found Burleigh’s DNA, mixed with Hupperterz’s, in a sample taken from a stained flip flop in the apartment basement. Miley’s DNA was not discovered on Burleigh’s body nor in samples from the apartment.

Prosecutors showed the jury the Pennsylvania State Police’s photos of Burleigh’s body covered by a leopard print blanket inside the blue bin found on Hupperterz’s grandmother’s Wayne County, Pennsylvania property in early September 2017.

Her body had bruises and marks along the neck, and her head was visibly bloody. State troopers also found a brown, heeled bootie, which appeared to be the complement to the shoe found in Miley’s bedroom.

Prosecutors and Nenner will continue to question Benjamin Levin, a DNA analyst for Philadelphia Police, on Tuesday. A pathologist will also be called to the stand on Tuesday.

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