Lessening the stigma of addiction

Temple University Hospital’s grant to expand addiction resources is a step in the right direction.

Temple University Hospital received a $1 million grant from Gov. Tom Wolf to expand treatment centers for people with substance use disorders. The money will go toward the Suboxone medication-assisted treatment program and the new Temple Recovery Using Scientific Treatments Clinic. 

This effort aims to provide access to treatment, case management support, group therapy, on-site counseling and meetings for people battling addiction — specifically opioid use disorder. 

This grant from the state, meant to aid the growth and development of recovery resources, further demonstrates that addiction is a medical condition, not a moral decision. It is so easy for those without a substance use disorder to dismiss those struggling as demoralized. But the push for these measures in hospitals speaks volumes to those in recovery and shows that elected officials want to help them.

Substance use disorder is a treatable medical condition, and The Temple News’ editorial board hopes this grant allows more people to receive the treatment they need for their substance use disorder. Because our governor has treated addiction as a medical condition, we hope it influences others to stop calling substance-use disorders “a choice” and treat it differently than other medical disorders.

We commend the state for providing grants to treatment programs and assessing substance use disorder as a medical condition rather than a moral failing. We hope the Wolf administration continues doing both. People are dying across the country from overdoses, and they need help. The general public should recognize addiction as a condition and encourage their elected representatives to take actions like Wolf’s to help save lives.

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