Letter: Journalism professors respond to report about colleague Francesca Viola

Faculty in Temple’s Department of Journalism offered their support for The Temple News’ report about one of its members.

We as a faculty fully support recent reporting from the Temple News around statements made by an anonymous Disqus account connected to a member of our faculty. An honest, independent media is the cornerstone of American democracy, and the students of the Temple News have carried themselves and reported this story in a way that makes us incredibly proud to be their professors.

They have shown a courage and professionalism that we expect will continue throughout their careers. It is important to us to maintain an environment where our students feel encouraged and supported in their pursuit of truth.

We are committed to learning more about these incidents so that we can continue to support both quality journalism and journalism education.

– Department of Journalism, sent by Department Chair David Mindich

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  1. So is Francesca Viola going to be held to account for her anti-muslim propaganda or will her denials be accepted?

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