Lieberman: Student makeup artist a fan of vintage stores

Lieberman reflects on recycling fashion trends and where to find them.


MAURA LIEBERMANShopping for vintage clothing is like treasure hunting – it’s hard to know what you’ll get.

From bomber jackets to graphic T-shirts, vintage shopping is great for college students looking to add a little flare to their wardrobe.

Fashion tends to take pieces from different eras and recycle them. After seeing the recent resurgence of overalls, it’s hard to say what will recycle back into stores next.

If you’re like me, your style is constantly changing. Luckily for us, vintage store shopping offers great items for typically affordable prices. Zaineb Ahmed attributed her trendy style to shopping at vintage clothing stores. One of her favorites is Udelco, Inc., located in Hawthorne, N.J.

You don’t have to travel to Jersey to achieve her look – there are some excellent vintage stores located in Philadelphia.

A great vintage clothing store is Retrospect on 5th and South streets. The store is spacious and offers innumerable racks of clothing, ranging from dresses and sweaters to stylish winter coats. Spending more than a few minutes there can unveil some fantastic hidden gems. Retrospect offers not only clothing, but shoes for $12, sunglasses, records, CDs and housewares. I actually found nearly half my kitchen supplies there as well.

Wilbur: Vintage & Designer Clothing, located on 716 S. 4th St, is another worthwhile place.

Jewelry and clothing prices allow customers to justify a shopping spree after a hard-earned paycheck. An assortment of vintage finds are lined up in an organized manner, which can satisfy an easily overwhelmed shopper. Shopping is stressful enough, so I love when I can think straight while perusing a store. You can find items from the ‘70s to present day that are one-of-a-kind and uniquely chic.

Vintage items are great artifacts to purchase if you want to accentuate your style. To make style more eclectic and unique, they are an invaluable asset.

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