Mad River gets mad busy in Manayunk

Hidden away in the hills of Manayunk is a stone building with long lines of people wrapped around it.

Hidden away in the hills of Manayunk is a stone building with long lines of people wrapped around it. They’re waiting for the chance to dine at Mad River Bar & Grille, a restaurant that recently opened its second location after serving Old City since 2004.

Inside the 12,000 square-foot bar, walls are plastered with 50-inch plasma TVs. The HD experience doesn’t end there – 10 large booths feature their own 27-inch plasma screens, which can all be tuned to different channels. The booths are so massive that patrons have to climb over five of their friends just to make a bathroom run.

“People that live here come in, eat dinner and watch the games,” general manager Max Tucker said. “On top of heading out over the weekend, people are out all week as well. It’s not just a destination spot.”

The bar menu offers all the savory items an intoxicated person could want, including duck tacos, Philly cheesesteak bruschetta and deep-fried pretzel bites served with cheese sauce and mustard.

Not everything on its menu will induce a heart attack. Other dishes include turkey burger sliders and ahi tuna salad. Nothing on the menu is more than $15, and prices can fit into almost any budget.

For those looking for a deal, every Tuesday night is college night. Students with college IDs are admitted for $3, and with $1 Coors Light bottles and $1 well drinks, it’s not a bad deal.

The restaurant also features a private party room, a fireplace and ski lodge, which are perfect places for relaxing. For a more rambunctious time, head to its massive sound system.

On the weekends, lines extend out the doors, but during the week diners can enjoy a low-key atmosphere. Wednesday’s acoustic sessions offer live entertainment, with recent performers belting out their renditions of songs by Foo Fighters and The Killers.

During the week, Temple alumna Kerrie Rebgil can be found tending tables.

“We get great business during the day. It’s our first week, but it’s picking up day after day,” Rebgil said. “Our food is great, and we have a wide selection of beers.”

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