Mumbai terror unmasks enemy

A reader weighs in on the Mumbai attacks.

Dear Editor:

The tragic and dreadful attacks in Mumbai are a painful reminder of the inherent flaw of appeasement in the face of terror. Evil knows no surrender, and it certainly flourishes in times of despair. Bluntly and unfortunately, free societies are simply not compatible with the radicalized ideology, which menaces our world today, whether it be an anonymous car bomb in a Tel Aviv café, 747s crashing into New York skyscrapers, or AK-47 wielding militants shooting indiscriminately in hotel lobbies in Mumbai. This is a global cancer that will continue to spread as we lose our stomach to combat it. It will take everything should we choose to do nothing. Terror apologists scapegoat American defense and foreign policies consistently because the alternative theory, that this ideology seeks unequivocal capitulation of the free world into a 14th-century theocracy, is simply too frightening for them to accept.

Shiv Sethi
Senior Finance Major

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