NCAA grants fall athletes an extra year of eligibility

The NCAA will not count the 2020 fall season against athletes eligibility, no matter the number of games they play.

The NCAA Division One Board of Governors voted to allow all fall sports athletes an additional year of eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to ESPN. 

This comes as multiple conferences, including the Big Ten and Pac-12, have already canceled their fall sports schedule. The American Athletic Conference is still planning to play a fall sports schedule, The Temple News reported.

Student-athletes will still be granted the extra year of eligibility no matter how many games they play, according to a report by Stadium. 

“Being able to get that year of eligibility back is big time,” said graduate student quarterback Anthony Russo. “I fully plan to be back in 2021 and play for another year.” 

Universities can also no longer “cancel” or “reduce” a student-athlete’s scholarship if they choose to opt-out of playing the season due to concerns over COVID-19, according to the same ESPN report. 

Temple University football coach Rod Carey said they have had five players opt out of the season already.

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