In new setting, Ross has ‘come a long way’

As a transfer student from Hartford, Patrick Ross is expected to excel.

Patrick Ross did not play in a single match for the golf team last year. Yet, his impact reverberated across the team.

The redshirt senior, who joined the team in Fall 2013 after transferring from Hartford University, is looking to help his team turn around the woes from last season.  Coach Brian Quinn, who called Ross a “true teammate,” said Ross is held in high esteem by his teammates.

 “I think he was a leader last year,” Quinn said. “He is definitely someone who all the kids look up to and respect and he will absolutely be a leader and be one of the captains of the golf team.”

Leadership is something Ross said he values, and that he understands what advice and experience an upperclassman can bring.

“I consider myself a leader of the team,” Ross said. “We have a bunch of kids on the team who can bring a lot to the table and be that upperclassman to talk to.”

Despite having not yet taken a competitive swing for the golf team, Ross said he feels he is more ready than ever. He attributes this to his redshirt year, during which he was able to work on his golf swing without having to worry about competing.

“That was a big year for me,” Ross said. “I felt that I could work a lot with [Quinn] and get better and not have to worry about how I was going to do.”

Quinn said he has noticed the improvements in Ross’ game.

“He has really come a long way this summer, but he was really talented before he came down here and that is all on [Ross],” Quinn said. “He has done a phenomenal job. He has been a great player all his life.”

Ross, who had one year of eligibility at his disposal when he jumped to Temple, was offered the opportunity to play last season last season days before the team’s first tournament, but declined. He said he felt like he had more to gain by choosing to sit out and acclimate himself with his new teammates as opposed to playing as a “one and done.”

“I’m a lot better for redshirting last year than I would be if I didn’t,” Ross said.

For this season, Ross said it’s all about consistency.

“If you look at the best golfers in the world, consistency is what it is about,” Ross said. “Anyone can have a good day but it all depends on how bad your bad rounds are.”

Ross said he must be more confident in himself, as he said he put in the work as a redshirt last year.

“You have to trust yourself,” Ross said. “You practice a lot, every day for hours and we’ve been doing this for years now and we have the skill. Don’t think ahead.”

Quinn, who has been working on the mental aspect of golf with Ross since the Dunmore, Pennsylvania native arrived on Main Campus, believes Ross is too hard on himself. He said he preaches that “the most important shot in golf is your next one” and wants Ross to avoid the potential negative energy after a mistake.

“[Ross] beats himself up a little too much,” Quinn said. “I wish he could let that go a little bit and take things a little lighter.

“You are going to see a lot of good things out of him.”

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