PA: Increase funds for faculty

Temple faculty pay is comparatively lower than other public Pennsylvania universities.

Temple University spends less on its faculty relative to tuition revenue than most other public or state-related universities, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported.

For every dollar that the university receives from tuition payments, Temple spends $0.61 on instruction, the Century Foundation reported. The average for public universities is $1.42, and this difference arises mainly from local and state subsidies, among other things.

Temple has the second-lowest level of state funding and endowments from any Pennsylvania state-related university, only receiving $158.2 million in state funding this year, and that money is often needed for facility maintenance and non-instruction expenses. Therefore, the issue of poor faculty pay could be resolved with increased state funding.

The Editorial Board calls of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to increase state-funding to Temple with the explicit purpose of increasing funds for instruction and faculty.

The Temple faculty deserves higher pay for the quality education that they provide for students, and increasing state funding for instruction is an opportunity to correct that discrepancy. 

Our high-quality education is predicated on the exceptional work of Temple’s faculty, and their dedication to excellence deserves proper compensation that the university could provide given increased state funding.

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