Parliament: get to work

Temple Student Government’s Parliament should stay focused on improving the university for students.

During the past few weeks, more than 10 Parliament members have filed petitions for articles of impeachment against other members and its Parliamentarian Jacob Kurtz, meaning more petitions have been filed than resolutions passed this semester.

Although no one was impeached and one member stepped down, it’s becoming clear that Parliament members are busier disagreeing with each other than getting work done.

This is just the latest issue raised about Parliament’s efficacy. Parliament, according to Temple Student Government’s website, is intended to “enhance the Temple experience by engaging with students to set the agenda for new and effective programs based on the wants and needs of all Owls.”

We agree that, in theory, this is a great way to include students who may not be otherwise involved in student government during their time at Temple. This is also an effective way to ensure more diverse populations are represented in leadership positions at the university.

There is potential for these student leaders to improve the university, but they have been distracting each other too much for us to see satisfying results. Parliament has passed few resolutions this semester, and the impact of these resolutions is still being determined — an issue that should be Parliament members’ main concern.

The Temple News is worried that without reconsidering its priorities, Parliament will become a waste of time for its members and the student body.

Parliament members should focus on their intended purpose and — instead of fighting internally — start enacting change to make Temple a better place for all students.

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