Patrick Wolf woos World Café Live

London musician Patrick Wolf maintained energy with crowd interaction, despite a quieter sound
than his usual.

A crowd faced the rain last Tuesday night to see Patrick Wolf at World Cafe Live!

The acoustic show featured two other musicians as well, playing a variety of instruments, including the harp, violin and grand piano.

Although the music was slower and more somber, the atmosphere was still one of excitement and anticipation that built throughout Wolf’s set.

Wolf took advantage of the intimate stage and interacted with the crowd throughout his performance.

He teased a fan in the front row whose phone went off and asked guests at the tables about their meals.

In the midst of his set, Wolf spoke of his memories associated with Philadelphia, remembering back to his time as supporting act to Amy Winehouse. He performed the heartfelt “Bitten” in dedication to her.

Wolf began to close his set with the more upbeat and fan-favorite “House.” In addition, Wolf performed “Bermondsey Street,” dedicating it to the gay, bisexual and transgendered residents in Russia and other countries who were not allowed to show love for their significant others.

For fans that went to see the show, it appeared to be an all-around hit.

“The acoustics of the building combined with the timbre of the instruments made for a memorable and moving performance,” a new Wolf fan, Keith Hammond, said.

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