Philadelphians gather to sell their home goods and vintage items

Attendees gathered to prove that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

A T-shirt shop at The Phila Market shows prices for the t-shirts on Sept.10. | THE TEMPLE NEWS / EARL KUFEN

The Phila Flea Markets hosts flea markets every weekend. The event was hosted at Eastern State Penitentiary and is the largest flea market in Center City and travels to different neighborhoods every weekend. 

People gathered in Fairmount on Sept. 10 to sell vintage items or get rid of stuff that they no longer wanted, like jewelry, books, records and old cameras.  

Two attendees look at pottery at The Phila Market on Sept.10. | THE TEMPLE NEWS / EARL KUFEN

The event took place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and people of all ages looked for items to purchase, while others went specifically for one item. 

Ian Woods, a South Philadelphia resident, has been shopping at the Phila Flea Markets for six years, he and his wife Jessica Whittington look for only a couple of items when they attend.  

“I usually go for old comics and old books,” Woods said. “My wife is trying to find antiques”  

Anna Lascurian, a resident of Howell, New Jersey, attends the event to sell different goods like hand jewelry, books and other items. She uses the funds to help with the costs of her publishing company. , 

“Sterling silver jewelry is my specialty, a mummer’s hat and I’m wearing one and vintage goods,” Lascurian said.   

Some sellers use the flea market as a small business to sell their items like Sean Lerro, and Elizabeth Duffy, who have been selling shirts at the event for three years.  

Lerro and Duffy started their business during the pandemic and have since found great success selling items at the market. 

“We source it from Goodwills, Goodwill Outlets, Salvation Army’s, and estate sales around the area,” Lerro, a resident of Springfield, Pennsylvania, said.  

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