Philly Pretzel opens Main Campus branch

The Philly Pretzel Factory opened a franchise location on Liacorous Walk this year.

If it weren’t for the aroma of freshly baked pretzels, some students might miss the tucked-away door of the newly-opened Philly Pretzel Factory amidst weekday chaos on Liacouras Walk.

Franchise Philly Pretzel Factory recently opened a small branch on Main Campus, located at 3220 N. Broad St.

“The Temple [location] just makes a whole lot of sense – it’s in our backyard,” said Marty Ferrill, president of Philly Pretzel Factory. “People eat more pretzels in Philadelphia than anywhere else, basically, than in the world.”

According to the Independence Hall Association, Philadelphians consume 12 times more pretzels than the national average. In a franchise that already expands over 100 locations, the team behind the popular pretzel chain aimed to bring the product closer to a campus that Ferrill said is “on the go.”

Ferrill said the company has seen success in scaling down its locations to sizes like the one newly-opened branch on Main Campus. The local franchise has received praise from some students for  its low product prices.

“It’s nice to be on campus – it’s a friendly atmosphere,”  said Joe McVeigh, the current franchise owner of the Temple branch. “The students are great. The staff and faculty are great, supporting our business. It’s a positive environment.”

Some students express positive feedback about the shop.

“They’re overall really nice and smile when you go in,” said Hayley Wenner, a freshman speech pathology major. “Every time I go in, the staff is always really nice and they’re always really excited to see students.”

The company has developed a wide menu that ranges from sandwich bites to a  list of dips to accompany pretzel products. The currently featured products are the cheesesteak pretzel and seasonal pumpkin flavored dip.

McVeigh said the company wants to create a prizable snack that accompanies a “warm and inviting experience.”

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