PHOTOS: Temple SJP demonstration met with counter-protesters

The group’s walkout and rally on Friday called for immediate ceasefire and for students to hold Temple administration accountable.


Temple’s Students for Justice in Palestine organized a walkout and rally on Friday afternoon at the Bell Tower to show solidarity with Palestinians amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The group was met with counter-protesters waving Israeli flags to show solidarity with the Israelis on the opposing side of the war.

SJP called for students to hold Temple administration accountable for their response amid the latest Israel-Hamas war. 

Temple has released several statements since the beginning of the latest war on Oct. 7, 2023. In October and November, President Richard Englert condemned antisemitsm, Islamophobia and other acts of hate. In October, the president also shared resources for those affected by the crisis.

Here’s how events unfolded on Friday:

The demonstration began at the Bell Tower, where the group later marched down Polett Walk toward Sullivan Hall.

Demonstrators were seen waving both Palestinian flags and Israeli flags to show support for the victims of the war.

SJP demonstrators held up numerous signs calling to “end the occupation” in Gaza.

Many signs and chants emphasized the amount of innocent people, especially children, that were killed by Israel. 

As of February 9, Israel has killed nearly 28,000 Palestinians and the total casualty count has surpassed 100,000, The Associated Press reported.

Demonstrators in support of Palestine called for Israel to “END THE OCCUPATION” and “END IMPERIALISM.”

A counter-protester holds his flag high to show support for Israel amid the crowd of supporters of Palestine.

Many protesters designed signs to depict the violence of the conflict; this sign showing blood dripping from “OCCUPATION.”

Demonstrators called to “stop the killing” and to “stop the genocide” that is happening in Gaza.

The event ended at Sullivan Hall, as SJP wanted President Englert to hear their chants. One sign reads “Why are we Afraid to talk About GAZA” and another reading “STOP THE GENOCIDE IN GAZA.”

Many people gathered to show solidarity with Palestine. SJP called for students to hold Temple administration accountable, as they believe the university has been too silent in regard to the conflict. One demonstrator is seen holding a sign saying “SILENCE is VIOLENCE in the face of GENOCIDE.”

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