Priorities Adrift

The university dropped the ball on recent events: snow and two shootings.

The university dropped the ball on recent events: snow and two shootings.

Temple officials have the monumental task of providing for the safety and well being of thousands of students during their time at this university. This is by no means an easy or simple challenge, and we recognize that.

At the same time, two recent, separate events call into question the university’s execution of their duties.

The first event is the police incident on the 1800 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue that occurred two weeks ago. The incident did not involve Temple students or Temple police, but it happened on a block that is home to many Temple students and only three short blocks from Main Campus.

And yet, Temple did not send out a TUAlert, or at the least, a TUAdvisory. Advisories are used when there is no present danger to students, but something has occurred in Temple’s vicinity that students should be aware of. Considering the incident didn’t involve Temple students or officials, an advisory would have sufficed, but it was absent.

The issue here is not the safety of Temple students, as there was no threat. Instead, it is peace of mind, the assurance that Temple officials knew what was happening and would have taken the proper precautions to make sure Temple students were not in harm’s way.

The other incident is minor, but still worth mentioning. Temple held classes on Friday, as it should have, but it did not properly prepare Main Campus for students. Liacouras Walk and a few other main thoroughfares were clear, but too many entrances and walkways were still icy.

This is a minor issue, but if Temple is going to hold classes, it should do more to make sure walkways around campus are clear. Commitment to education is admirable, but ignorance to safety issues is not.
Temple has a reputation of being the school that’s always open, and in a way that’s a good thing, but school officials need to make sure the school is prepared to uphold that tradition before they follow through.

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