Protestors, suppporters welcome Palin at first Philly visit

Gov. Sarah Palin made her first official public appearance in Philadelphia Friday night, meeting with supporters at the Irish Pub.

Republican vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made her first official campaign appearance in Philadelphia Friday night.

Palin spoke briefly before the first presidential debate at a private event held at the Irish Pub at 20th and Walnut streets.

Approximately 450 ticket-baring Republican supporters greeted Palin after she hustled past hundreds of protestors in the street surrounding the pub. “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” blared inside as the so-called “hockey mom” signed autographs and posed for pictures with her supporters.

Palin, who donned a Phillies jacket, expressed her desire to increase support for the campaign in the Philadelphia area.

“I believe [Republican presidential candidate Sen. John] McCain and Palin are going to give us what we need,” said Steven Sansome, a local business owner. “By no means is John McCain [four more years of] George W. Bush.”

Sansome said he came to support Palin because this is the most important election of his lifetime.

Blocked off from the pub by police tape, hundreds of Philadelphians held signs and chanted phrases like, “Sarah Go Home,” “Obama” and “Duck, duck, moose.” Among the protestors were Temple students from progressive organizations Temple College Democrats, Campus Greens, Common Ground and the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance.

“I fundamentally disagree with her on many issues,” said Elizabeth Hanson, junior political science major and president of Temple College Democrats. “It’s important that as leaders and members of progressive campus organizations, we come out on a Friday night to show how strong our beliefs are.”

Philadelphia native Joe Brady marched up Walnut Street during the event in support of Palin and her stance on abortion.

“I’ll be voting for John McCain because I’m a Roman Catholic,” Brady said. “I can’t vote Democrat because they’re killing babies, and I believe life begins at the moment of conception.”

Many Temple students could be spotted donning red bandanas and blue button-downs in imitation of Rosie the Riveter to protest of Palin’s stance on women’s rights.

“Although I’m a woman and a feminist, I don’t just want any woman in office, I want the right woman in office,” said Vicki Moore, a senior women’s studies and history major and founder of Campus Greens. “I don’t think she’s ready, and I question her character.”

Although the pub was packed with Republican supporters, conservative organizations did not maintain a presence outside the pub doors.

The McCain campaign said Palin will be spending the rest of her time in Philadelphia preparing for her first debate with Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden on Oct. 2 in St. Louis.

The campaign has not yet announced the next appearance in the Philadelphia area of either McCain or Palin.

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  1. A growing number of progressive Republicans are expressing concern about Sarah Palin’s uneven or downright awkward performances in her limited media appearances. A Republican/ Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, a former Palin supporter, says the vice presidential nominee should step aside. Kathryn Jean Lopez, writing for the conservative National Review, says Palin dropping off the race at this time is not a crazy suggestion and that something need to be done immediately. Tony Fabrizio, a GOP strategist, says Palin’s recent CBS appearance isn’t disqualifying but is certainly alarming. You can’t continue to have interviews like that and not take on water.” “I have not been blown away by her interviews, but at the same time, I haven’t come away from them thinking that there is too much out there,” said Chris Lacivita, a GOP strategist. She is not Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Jack Kemp and definitely not Hillary Clinton. FOX News analyst Bernard Goldberg said interviews of Palin do not instill people confidence and Parker “may be right” in saying that Palin is out of her league.

  2. So what? Palin had a bad interview. It was only a few months ago that Obama did terrible interviews. Obama said the USA has 57 states…and I truly think he believed this to be true. Palin may need a refresher on international affairs, but Obama knows nothing about the USA. I think that is the greater problem. Besides, Obama is on the top of the ticket, Palin is not.

  3. This election is over . God has Predestinated Governor Palin to be President. She is the most important and greatest woman the Lord has raised up since Joan Of Arc. She will be elected Vice-president and then soon be elevated to the Presidency. This magnificent born-again daughter of God will become our greatest President.

  4. Damn J W, that’s some scary sh*t. You need to get a real life instead of communing with your imaginary friends.

    All of you anti-American, Dominionist religious whack-jobs like Queen Sarah need to take a refresher course on the US Constitution. I don’t WANT your religion to take over the public sphere, and by the founding documents of this country I should not have to be bothered with your religion. Just because YOU think you’re right doesn’t mean you are. My true and honestly held beliefs are quite different from yours. And the constitution of this country guarantees me the freedom to follow and practice my religious beliefs regardless of your arrogant and snide little opinions.

    So take your religious BS and shove it where the sun don’t shine, and your little dog (pitbull) too!

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