Rembert: Student finds ‘great pieces’ thrifting

Rembert advises students to remain patient when thrift shopping to avoid becoming discouraged.


MELONEE REMBERTEveryone saw Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” skyrocket to the top of the charts in 2013 and we all know the catchy and funny chorus. The  song is so good because it’s completely relatable to the average college student.

A few years ago, thrifting wasn’t something that young people considered fashionable. But as time goes on, Forever 21 and H&M become a little expensive for students like me.

Thrift stores not only provide shoppers with goodies at a cheaper price than retail stores, but one-of-a-kind items can be found there, too. There’s something amazing about knowing that no one else owns the clothes that you have and that there’s a story behind them.

Shopping in thrift stores seems like a formidable task, one only the savviest and most fashionable people can do, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Anyone can do it, and there’s so much stuff out there waiting for you to get your hands on.

However, as awesome as thrift shops are, they can be a bit bleak at first look. You shouldn’t go in expecting to find an archive Halston Heritage jacket within 10 minutes. Remember that people donate their belongings every day, so you may have to sift through a box full of junk before you find that one treasure.

There also may be something there that you really like, but it doesn’t fit right or is too worn. If it’s worth saving, some thrift shops offer alteration services, or you could take it home and make it a personal DIY project. Those trousers you found that looked too big could potentially make the perfect harem pants with a little taking-in here and cutting there. Thrifting takes effort as well as patience, but it is well worth it.

Brooklyn Flea Market, one of the biggest and most popular flea markets in the country, came to Philly this past summer, its first marketplace outside of New York City, and offered more than 250 vendors with vintage clothes, antiques, furniture, records and more.

It’s open every Sunday afternoon in Northern Liberties and has become a hit. Lots of other thrift shops can be found in Philly near South Street and in Old City. If you were looking for something a little closer to home, there’s thrift shop near campus at 15th and Oxford streets called Urban Thrift. I jump at any chance I get to get some goodies for less and so should other smart shoppers.

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