Lieberman: Student finds ‘great pieces’ thrifting

On-campus fashionista Stephanie Onuaguluchi offers suggestions on how to thrift shop.

Stephanie Onuaguluchi tries to incorporate her summer wardrobe during fall. | Luis Fernando Rodriguez TTN
Stephanie Onuaguluchi tries to incorporate her summer wardrobe during fall. | Luis Fernando Rodriguez TTN

In order to be fashionable, one doesn’t need to squander an entire paycheck. Many students shop at local thrift stores in order to find great pieces to contribute to their wardrobe. Thrifting is a great way to keep up with the trends without having to worry about spending too much money on a piece of clothing that could be out of style next season.

This week’s fashionista is a fan of thrifting and saving money. Stephanie Onuaguluchi, a junior legal studies major, credits her fashion-forward look to thrift and retail stores. In fact, she said she found some treasures by delving through her mom’s closet.

The Temple News: Where do you primarily shop and get your fashion inspiration from?

Stephanie Onuaguluchi: I shop at a lot of places, primarily I thrift and “shop” in my mom’s closet. I also shop at Charlotte Russe, H&M, Forever 21. I’m up for trying new places for finding great pieces of clothing.

TTN: Where did you get your current outfit?

SO: I got my pants from a thrift store, and the shirt and vest are from Charlotte Russe.

TTN: What are you excited about in terms of fall fashion?

SO: I can’t wait for sweaters. I also can’t wait for boyfriend hoodies. I love wearing those so much. I still wear most of what I wore in the summer because I usually don’t get cold in the fall. I try to incorporate my summer pieces into my fall wardrobe.

TTN: Do you follow any blogs?

SO: I have a Tumblr, and I wish I could shop on that. I basically just use Tumblr a lot for fashion inspiration.

TTN: Do you have a style icon?

SO: Not really, because everything I wear is a mix of different things. I usually see something on a person and like it.

TTN: Do you see your style as more trendy or classic?

SO: I don’t dress up a lot, but I like to throw on whatever I think is cute. I definitely follow the latest trends.

TTN: Finally, do you have any advice for college students on a budget?

SO: Go thrifting. You can find a lot of great pieces and save a lot of money. You can find some great clothes and then accessorize to make your outfit personal.

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