Republicans: right way forward

The Temple News asked the presidents of the Temple College Republicans and Democrats to make the case for their respective candidates. Here are their arguments.

President, Temple College Republicans

Many Americans seem to have the idea that this election is the most important one to occur in a lifetime. They happen to be right. The choice we make today will be felt for years. As a college student, you are clearly a forward-thinking individual. Someone who, instead of graduating high school and attempting to make a living now, has taken four or more years to better yourself through education and open up a wide range of opportunities for the future. This forward-thinking mentality should be applied to the crucial decision you make today as well.

Sen. John McCain has shown through his lifetime of sacrifice and service to this country that he is the common sense conservative leader we need now. A McCain presidency is the only way America can pursue reform that will lift the burden of excessive spending, finally get America to a state of clean energy independence and most importantly, especially from the perspective of a soon-to-graduate college student, restructure this economy in a way that is pro-growth, pro-innovation and allows for job creation.

Through McCain’s Lexington Project, America will see a dawning of innovation in the energy market with investment being made into new technology and new jobs for a cleaner America. For this to be possible, we will have to drill here and now to unlock our own resources and stop the transfer of wealth to other nations. From this will come the investment needed to transition to cleaner forms of transportation and power generation. There is no sense in forcing underdeveloped technologies on the marketplace, as another candidate wishes to do, when further development will create jobs, increase efficiency and decrease costs. These changes will also improve the environment, knocking emissions of pollutants down to pre-1990 levels.

McCain will do this, and more, without raising taxes on any American. Instead of playing Robin Hood with American’s income, McCain will restructure the federal budget by vetoing any bill that includes pork-barrel spending. McCain has also proposed a spending freeze across the board, except in the case of unforeseen crisis or important programs. This will allow government programs to be evaluated to decide what needs to be cut and what needs more funding. Controlling spending will allow McCain to cut taxes on business and capital gains and restore confidence to our financial markets. These measures will allow our economy to grow, create jobs instead of killing them with new taxes, mandates and regulations and ensure that prices remain low, which is the greatest “tax cut” of all for Americans.
Americans understand that throwing money at our problems cannot solve them for the long term.

Taxing success into submission hurts everyone. An unfunded government handout helps no one. And pretty rhetoric with catchy slogans will not pave the way for prosperity. That is why we need McCain. Make no mistake, change is coming this January. However, the choice comes down to a forward-thinking approach, or a shortsighted disaster waiting to happen. We cannot gamble with America’s future. Like no other candidate, McCain will fight for this country with the foresight necessary to not only preserve, but also enhance the greatness of what it means to be an American for generations to come.

Brian McGovern is the president of Temple College Republicans.

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