Restaurant Week dishes $30 deals on three-course meals

REVIEW – All you hungry kids out there with sophisticated palates but unsophisticated wallets are in for a treat. Restaurant Week is soon to be upon us. That means you can eat as much Maine lobster tail and overpriced crème brulee as your little heart desires – that is, as much as the restricted menu allows – for as little as $30 a head.

Expand your dining horizons and experience Philadelphia’s finest restaurants at their lowest prices from Sept. 23-28. We can’t all get reservations at Le Bec Fin that week, but there are some other charming places worthy of a taste.

On a week-long tour of some seriously expensive restaurants, I discovered some culinary gems, each one with its own specialties. The best place to go in the city for a date, hands-down, is Bistro Romano, located in Society Hill on Lombard Street.

While sitting at the romantic candle-lit table with my parents, I couldn’t help but picture myself there with an attractive male counterpart instead. It offers delicious Italian dishes such as lobster ravioli and tilapia scampi. The tables are quaint and private, the pianist is constantly playing Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel classics and the wine list is extensive.

Lovers or soon-to-be lovers, definitely check it out.

If you’re more into a group effort and you happen to love dining trends from the 1970s, you need to hit up The Melting Pot at 1219 Filbert St. for a fondue extravaganza.

Offering four courses, three of which are served communal dip-and-eat style, this place is seriously tasty. Filet mignon and fresh salmon can be skewered and cooked to your liking (since you do the cooking) in a personal pot. Plus, you will gasp with delight at the sight of the dessert tray carrying an array of cheesecake, brownies, strawberries and other delicacies dipped into a warm chocolate fondue.

I like celebrities. Celebrities like Bookbinders on Second and Walnut streets. Therefore, I like Bookbinders on Second and Walnut streets. This place is a Philadelphia landmark. It used to be frequented by the likes of Joe DiMaggio, Elizabeth Taylor, the Rat Pack and David Bowie, which makes it awesome by default.

It’s been around since 1865, so it has had enough time to perfect a seafood menu mixed with other non-fishy dishes to please just about anyone. If you’re in the mood to feel classy, head on over to Bookbinders and keep your eyes open for the famous folks.

It’s questionable what the restaurant scene in Philadelphia these days would be like without Stephen Starr and his numerous eateries. Perhaps a little less pretentious and cutting edge. I like pretense, though, and the air of upscale makes Tangerine, located at 232 Market St., a fun place to eat. The smooth leather seats, twinkling lights and swanky wall colors are visually appealing and make it the prettiest place to dine in the city. The Mediterranean-style food is different and delish. Don’t think twice about the chocolate and bananas for dessert.

For those of you who appreciate a great meal but don’t want to empty your pockets, make your reservations for Restaurant Week now or you’ll be paying full price later.

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