Rethink transfer credit

The university should develop a way to make more credits transfer so students aren’t left behind.

Abigail Oestreich, a junior secondary education major, should actually be a senior. But because of the way her credits transferred when she came to Temple from Bucks County Community College, she’s a year behind.

Oestreich is one of the several thousand transfer students at Temple — there are about 3,400 transfer students in the 2017-18 class.

These students often find that the credits they worked for elsewhere don’t transfer in the most efficient way when they come to Temple. Transfer students should be able to use more credits they earn from other colleges or universities toward their majors.

Temple has multiple partnerships with nearby community colleges that help students achieve an associate’s degree before transferring. However, some credits aren’t accepted at all and most go toward General Education Program classes, leaving transfer students behind in major-specific requirements.

Transfer students work just as hard as the students who come to Temple for their freshman year. If the university is going to be accessible to everyone, it needs to make more of an effort to keep transfer students on track. Temple has made an effort to ensure students graduate in four years with the Fly in 4 program. As members of the Temple community, transfer students shouldn’t be forgotten.

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