Richie’s extends menu and hours

Richie’s Deli and Pizza has increased open hours in addition to offering a new menu option.

There is more to sell and more time to sell it at the food pad this semester, which Twitter followers of Richie Jr. have been informed.

Richie’s Deli and Pizza has advertised new menu additions, namely hot dogs, starting this fall semester. Richie has frequently tweeted about the new hot dog option, seen by his many student followers on Twitter.

“Try the breakfast dog #newitem #hotdog #eggs #long[roll] #breakfastallday #richies,” Richie said in a tweet this past Thursday at 9 a.m.

He thinks that hot dogs are a positive addition to students looking for a diversified menu.

“They’re 100 percent beef, gluten free and come on a Philly hoagie roll. You can build it your way if you want to,” Richie said.

There are variations to choose from along with the build-your-own hot dog. Each choice is named after different sections of the city, such as a North Philly dog, South Philly dog, Old City dog and the Richie dog. So far, the student response has been positive, according to tweets often sent by students to Richie about his food.

“Just when I thought @iloverichies couldn’t get any better…footlong, gourmet hotdogs! The man has done it again!”  Twitter user @Greg_Pinto said.

Operating hours at Richie’s Deli and Pizza have also been extended to incorporate Saturdays, beginning this past Saturday the 31st.

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