Robbery suspect posed as victim in home invasion

Two students went unharmed after the incident, but had several valuables stolen last week.

Temple Police made one arrest Monday in the armed robbery of two Temple students on Bouvier Street near Montgomery Avenue that occurred early Wednesday morning, said university spokesperson Brandon Lausch.

A man unaffiliated with the university who initially called 911 at the crime scene and acted as a victim of the robbery has been arrested for his involvement in planning the robbery, said Charlie Leone, executive director of Campus Safety Services.

Some of the information from the complainant who was arrested sounded “suspicious” to the detectives, Leone said.

The robbery took place around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, when three males with a gun wearing all black clothing and masks entered a basement apartment through an unlocked door, Lausch said.

The suspects entered the home, asking the residents “Where’s the money?” They ordered all of the complainants to get on the floor, according to a spokesperson for Philadelphia Police.

“At one point the kid had a gun to my head,” one of the victims, who is a Temple senior, told 6ABC. “I don’t even feel safe sleeping in my own house.”

There are arrest warrants out for the other two suspects, Lausch said.

A TU Alert was sent to students around 2 a.m. instructing them to “avoid the area” and informing them that TUPD was responding to the incident.

A witness said that the three men approached the home and looked to have “walked in,” he added.

Lausch said TUPD is reviewing surveillance footage and increasing patrols in the area where the robbery happened.

“It does not appear to be a random event,” Lausch added.

The suspects stole smartphones, a PlayStation 4 and cash from the students, according to the police report.

None of the residents were injured during the robbery, said Joe Garcia, the deputy director of Campus Safety.

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