Satisfying a sweet tooth on campus

Don’t let the Insomnia Cookies truck’s off hours get you down. Try one of these sugary solutions.

Don’t let the Insomnia Cookies truck’s off hours get you down. Try one of these sugary solutions.

COLLIN KERRIGAN TTN The Sexy Green Truck is just one of many options students with a sweet tooth can venture to when the Insomnia Cookies truck is closed. The Sexy Green Truck, which is known for its organic, eco-friendly food options, sells two chocolate chip cookies for a dollar.

Whether you’re having a missed-the-subway, fell-on-the-white-painted-crosswalk, no-computers-at-the-TECH-Center, professor-embarrasses-you-for-texting-in-class bad day or a no-line-at-7-Eleven, didn’t-get-lost-in-Anderson, open-table-at-the-food wall, aced-the-exam good day, there is one thing that can fix the bad and make the good great: dessert.

The Insomnia Cookies truck is a gift to Temple’s sweet tooth, but we must all be prepared for a disaster, such as when the cookie truck is temporarily closed during a sugar craving. There’s no need to panic. Sweets are scattered all over Main Campus.

Once cookies are on the brain, it’s a difficult thought to shake. Luckily, the Sexy Green Truck sells these individually sized circular treats and is only steps away from Insomnia Cookies. Classic chocolate chip cookies are sold two for $1, making it easy for the cookie monsters out there to shell out a few George Washingtons. Even when the cookie truck is open for business, Owner Selim Zeka said they seem to sell the same amount of cookies, so they must be doing something right.

Brownies and Rice Crispy Treats
For students on the go, handheld sweets are ideal. The long lines that go hand-in-hand with Einstein Bros. Bagels at the Student Center is bearable, knowing a chocolaty brownie or gooey rice crispy treat is waiting for you on the counter. Each snack, only $1.59, is individually wrapped, perfect for tossing into your bag to enjoy later, when your blood sugar plummets in class. The rice crispies are so big you might need to use two hands, but it will definitely keep you fueled during that painful three-hour night class.

A sophisticated palate may crave something more dimensional than the run-of-the-mill cookie or brownie. If a warm blend of fruit, honey, chocolate or carmel sounds to your liking a trip to the Creperie might be necessary. At 13th and Norris streets, you can get any sweet or savory combination for $3.75. With this international indulgence, you may forget you’re eating fruit.

If a crepe is leaving you craving a nap, but a cookie has you asking for more, a Middle Eastern treat can hit the spot. Halah Food on 12th Street between Berks and Montgomery streets offers Baklava, a richly sweet, flaky pastry with a nutty crunch.

If you’re still not satisfied or if you are experiencing a late night craving, there’s always Starbucks. Assortments of pastries perfect for dipping in a heavily fainted beverage are tastily displayed for all to crave. Starbucks is open all night, but the treats tend to disappear once it gets really late. In this case, resort to 7-Eleven. A pint of Eddy’s Mint Chip ice cream will comfort you while you cry for the cookie truck. But don’t worry – Insomnia Cookies will never know you cheated on them.

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  1. Oh, so yummy that my sweet teeth will go for.I just can’t help but to crave for something as sweet as what you’ve shared, I’ll go check the fridge!

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