The Temple News’ Small Business Guide features small businesses owned by students and alumni.

As the 20-year-old business that provided me and my four siblings our first jobs struggled to make ends meet with constant COVID-19 enforced closures, capacity limit changes and shut-downs, seeing “regulars” gather and show their undying support and friendship brought a new meaning to the term, “small business.”

Businesses come and go, but the impressions left on the community they serve are forever, and as we quickly approach the second anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, this impact is more prevalent than ever.

This year’s Small Business Guide explores how relationships and connections between individuals and owners at and around Temple University form a community in and of itself, proving that a transaction is more than just an exchange of money and products; it is an exchange of love and friendship.

From introspective moments that spawned a therapeutic apiary to turning off-campus apartments into nail salons, clothing stores and bakeries, seeing the passion and overarching goals of these owners to be more than just a business brings upon me that same sense of connection and solace it did when I watched “regulars” become family and friends at my former place of work.

So, take a look at our second Small Business Guide issue to not only learn about and support the businesses and products, but to gain a prospective friend.


Rosie Leonard

Features Editor 

Manna Bakery

Saif Manna, a senior political science major, pours banana bread mix into a pan in his Temple Nest Apartment on Feb. 16. | RJ FRANCESCHINI / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Temple senior runs bakery from his apartment

Justice Henry, a junior criminal justice major, pulls out each tarot card to explain their meaning and what they typically signify during a reading in a study room in the Charles Library on Feb. 17. | GRACIE HEIM / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Student finds fulfillment in tarot business

Amelia Mraz, a second-year public health graduate student, inspects the beehive before harvesting honey at Half Mad Honey apiary, located at the Navy Yard on S. 13th Street near Intrepid Avenue, on Feb. 21. | BRIAN MENGINI / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Philadelphia apiary  provides education, therapy

Cory Matthews, a freshman business management major, cleans a pair of Chanel sneakers in his dorm room at Hardwick Hall on Feb. 16. | NOEL CHACKO / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Temple student creates sneaker-cleaning business

Jenny Phan, a sophomore kinesiology major and owner of Gelled By Jenny, applies a finishing coat on a new set of nails for her client Empress Graham, a sophomore health professions major, on Feb. 17. | AMBER RITSON / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Sophomore builds relationships through nail art

Gelled by Jenny

Isabella Dahrouch, a marketing major and founder of 215 Upcycled in September 2020, to promote slow fashion. 215 Upcycled sells clothing items like vintage t-shirts and tie-dye jeans and accessories like rings, scarfs, and custom zodiac necklaces. | GRACIE HEIM / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Temple University senior promotes slow fashion

Rachel Knable, owner of Stuff’d Buns and a 2012 communications alumna, stands inside her food truck which was stationed at the Wissahickon Brewing Company on Feb. 19. | ALLISON SILIBOVSKY / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Three Temple alumnae run food truck together

Sole Surgeon

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