Student finds fulfillment in tarot business

Justice Henry started giving tarot readings to provide insight into her clients’ lives using her intuition.

Justice Henry, a junior criminal justice major, pulls out each tarot card to explain their meaning and what they typically signify during a reading in a study room in the Charles Library on Feb. 17. | GRACIE HEIM / THE TEMPLE NEWS

While some use TikTok as a source of entertainment, others use it for inspiration and self-discovery. 

After watching videos and learning the symbolism of tarot cards, Justice Henry, a junior criminal justice major, turned her passion for spirituality into a business. 

Henry started Readings By Justice, a tarot card reading service in December 2021. Henry offers tarot card readings, a form of energy work that requires communicating with divine powers and using intuition for insight into clients’ questions, from her apartment on 15th Street near Cecil B. Moore Avenue.  

Clients can message her on Instagram to request a reading. She conducts the readings remotely, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two days to complete based on the number of questions clients have. She sends them their results via email, text message or Instagram direct messages.  

Questions can be about specific topics like love and career paths or she can do more general readings that don’t require clients to have a question. 

“It’s very creative in a way because you have to rely on not only intuition, but your sense of creativity, to be able to put the cards together and kind of make a story that your client or yourself will be able to understand,” Henry said. 

She first became interested in spirituality during her freshman year of college by watching videos on Youtube and TikTok about tarot readings. She purchased her first deck of tarot cards in December 2020 because she wanted to answer her own questions about love. 

The experience of receiving messages for herself encouraged her to do readings for others, Henry said. She started doing readings for a group of about 30 friends for free. After roughly a year of developing her skills and practicing, she finally decided to launch her business.

Henry reads intuitively, pulling cards and deciphering meanings through her feelings and personal understanding of the symbolism. When she is reading for other people she tends to use spreads, which are sets or patterns that the cards are laid out in, to guide the reading. A common spread is three cards laid face up to represent the past, present and future. 

Reanna Reid befriended Henry while attending Temple University. She trusted Henry’s insight and intuition, and felt that Henry’s readings help her predict what is to come. 

In November 2021 when Reid was experiencing personal struggles, Henry’s readings gave her hope that she would soon enjoy a breakthrough with her situation, which she did. 

“She’s honestly doing something that feels right, something that’s calling to her soul, and something she excels at,” Reid said. 

Henry will only read about people with their consent, and she does not do readings for death, health or legal matters. While tarot gives valuable insight, it does not replace a doctor or licensed professional, Henry said. 

Jenae Rogers grew up in a family that was skeptical of witchcraft, but became interested in having her cards read when she came across Henry’s Instagram account last year. Rogers received a reading in October 2021 about her love life and another in January 2022 about what the year has in store for her. 

“At first I was a little skeptical, this is a little crazy but when she pulled out things about my career aspirations, my love life, my financial goals, I was like, ‘whoa, this is scary,’” Rogers said. 

Henry isn’t currently conducting readings, but looks forward to resuming her practice when she feels called, according to a Feb. 20 Instagram post.

She hopes her readings empower her clients to trust their intuition.

“I hope that [clients] feel like they got their question answered,” Henry said. “I would hope that they feel like they have clarity around being able to make a decision, that they’re able to trust themselves, because I do push trusting your own intuition more than outside influences.”

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