Voices: Why did you vote today?

Students share their reasons for voting in the 2020 general election.

Rebecca Mancuso

Junior music education major

“I was worried about climate change, women’s rights. One of the candidates actually really cares about those things, and the other doesn’t.”

Harris Nadell

Sophomore political science major

“I am not a fan of either politician. However, one is clearly more messed up than the other, in my opinion. With the issues that are going on in this global pandemic, our current president denied it and called it a hoax, and he’s actually been proven to say that he played this down.”

Kasie Nolan

Sophomore health professions major

“I voted in the 2020 presidential election as being a member of the LGBTQIA community. Our current leader does not respect us, is not acknowledging. I just don’t feel appreciated, respected, supported by the current administration and I just want to be able to love who I want to love and I just want people to feel safe and valued, as they are currently not.”

Samantha Childress

Junior music education major

“I voted in the election for a candidate that cares about people, women’s rights specifically. Everything that is going on in our country right now is kind of scary.”

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