Sophomore biology major was ‘kind’ and funny, friend says

Lorenzo Enriquez died Thursday night, officials said.

Lorenzo Enriquez, a sophomore biology major, died by suicide on Thursday night, officials said.

Enriquez was a very kind person with a great sense of humor, said Andrew Kelly, his roommate and former psychology student.

“I was devastated,” Kelly said. “He loved music and wanted to start producing music. He was very loyal to his family.”

Enriquez liked fashion and loved to cook food from where he grew up in the Philippines, Kelly said.

“It reminded him of home,” he added.

Warning signs and what to do

The Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Enriquez’s cause of death on Friday. The Philadelphia Police Department confirmed they responded to 1300 Cuthbert Street at about 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, where Enriquez was pronounced dead.

Police ruled there was no foul play and found a note from Enriquez in his home.

We are greatly saddened to learn of the death of Lorenzo Enriquez, a 20-year-old second-year biology student from Greencastle, Pennsylvania,” a Temple University spokesperson said in a statement to The Temple News.

“The entire Temple community mourns his loss and extends our sympathies to Lorenzo’s family and friends,” the spokesperson added.

“In regards to Enriquez’s death, Temple Student Government is devastated by the news and hopes all Temple students can come together during this difficult time,” Temple Student Government’s communications director said in a statement to The Temple News.

“We want to emphasize the availability of Tuttleman Counseling Services, as well as other resources such as the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Its number is 1-800-273-TALK (8255),” the communications director added.

Kelly said a vigil for Enriquez will be held early next week.

This story is developing. Please check back for updates.

UPDATE: This story was updated to include a statement from Temple Student Government.

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  1. Lorenzo and I went to high school together back in Greencastle. He was funny and kind and all around just a really good person. He posted on his social media, before his death, a beautiful picture of Philadelphia which I don’t think i’ll ever forget. He’s in a place now where I hope he found solace. Rest in peace Lorenzo.

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