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Restauranteer Stephen Starr said he doesn’t plan to open any more restaurants in Philadelphia. Last year, Starr opened six restaurants, and now operates a total of 19 in the city.

Granite Hill

September 2011

Stephen Starr’s upscale Granite Hill eatery sits on the ground floor of the Philadelphia Art Museum, providing a French dining option after a long day of walking and gawking.

26th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Menu: French Bistro – lots of salads and fresh fish, as well as burgers and sub sandwiches.

Price: $30 and below


The Dandelion

January 2011

While it may be a little more upscale than its counterparts across the pond, Starr’s version of a British pub emanates cozy in the dining rooms and bar complete with fireplaces and bookcases. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered, but for those in the mood for something a little lighter, stop by between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. for afternoon tea and the special drink menu.

18th and Sansom streets

Menu: Soups, salads, beef and seafood comprise the majority with traditional English dishes such as shepherd’s pie and fish and chips.

Price: $10-$25

II Pittore

October 2011

Located in the outskirts of Rittenhouse Square, Il Pittore mimics old-time Italy with its incorporation of villa-esque furnishings, including hand-crafted murals, vintage grayscales of Italian culture, and hanging herb gardens for an extra kick of authenticity.

2025 Sansom St.

Menu: Italian – pasta, antipasti, salads and a wide array of meats. Wines, cocktails and French press available.

Price: $30-$40


Talula’s Garden

April 2011

Accolades poured from local food critics about this joint creation of Stephen Starr and local restaurateur, Aimee Olexy, where chefs use nothing but fruits, veggies, cheeses and desserts to “wow” customers.

210 W. Washington Square

Menu: A seemingly endless concoction of fruits, vegetables and herbs for main dishes –  a selection of goat, cow and sheep cheese-based items serve as appetizers. Ice cream, doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes and sorbets are offered for desert.

Price: approximately $40


Frankford Hall

May 2011

It probably wouldn’t be a bad thing to say “Guten tag” when walking into this joint because at Frankford Hall it’s all German, all the time.

1210 Frankford Ave.

Menu: Any and everything with “wurst” in it, sausages, burgers, German desserts and a full supply of drafts, lagers, wines and schnapps.

Price: $20-$30


Route 6

November 2011

Named for the pan-American highway that begins its journey near Cape Cod, Route 6 showcases northeastern and New England coastal cuisine, churning out its food in an old fashioned wood-burning oven and grill.

600 N. Broad St

Menu: American seafood, with an emphasis on classic coastal cuisine such as oyster, lobster and clam chowder.

Price: $30-$50

– Khoury Johnson

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