Student unions

The Temple News addresses the concern among student workers not being permitted to unionize.

When students frequent the TECH Center Starbucks, they’re expected to receive the same customer service and items they would at any of the coffeehouse chain’s locations. But the students serving the customers perform under different conditions than those workers at a typical Starbucks.

For student workers at the usually packed location on 12th Street, tips are a no-go and the ability to unionize is explicitly banned in the contractual agreement between Temple and Sodexo, the university’s food-service provider.

But senior social work major Adam McGuire took it upon himself to contact Sodexo, which licenses the on-campus Starbucks, to receive an explanation. While McGuire didn’t receive much of a response, he highlighted a concern among some student workers at the coffee shop.

Josh Snyder, a senior history major, said his former employment at a traditional Starbucks in New York allowed him to unionize and receive tips.

Student workers should be afforded the same opportunities and rights as their full-time, unionized counterparts. A student status doesn’t hinder one’s ability to work, or take on more hours.

Between paying for rent and increasing tuition, some students have to front bills just as much as non-students do. Before May rolls around, student workers should voice their concerns about their inability to unionize to both Temple and Sodexo, between whom the contractual agreement stands.

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