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The Temple News would like to congratulate all graduates and remind students we are their voice.

The Temple News would like to congratulate the class of 2012. Despite the doubtful outlook that economists predict 2012 college graduates will face, citing that one in two college graduates are jobless or underemployed, graduates should be proud of their accomplishments. Remember that in the face of adversity success can still be attained. With the confidence and character that Temple helps build during the years, students should be prepared to conquer whatever ambitions they may have.

The Temple News would like to take an opportunity to reflect back on this year’s coverage that we pride ourselves on.

The 2011-12 year has seen much progress at Temple. This year, through student and administrative activism, Temple was able to secure funding. In addition, Temple re-entered the Big East Conference, which is promising for the progression of Temple athletics.

The Temple News has remained committed to covering issues that directly affect students as well as serving as a voice that is representative of Temple. Perhaps the biggest news that broke this year was the resignation of President Ann Weaver Hart. The Temple News immediately addressed how this would affect students and worked extensively to answer questions that were left unanswered. Yet, we recognize that much more progress needs to be made in addressing issues that lack transparency.

Additionally, the Temple News has covered issues that extend beyond Main Campus into the North Philadelphia community, demonstrating the importance of fostering community ties with local residents to facilitate prosperity and respect. While we were not supportive of District Councilman Darrell Clarke’s initiative to ban student housing around Main Campus, The Temple News has encouraged an open dialogue, in which administrators and the Temple community could actively participate to come to a compromise in which both the immediate and Temple community would benefit from.

Overall, we want to continue to thank our readers for their support. After all, we are here to represent and address students concerns independent of administration.  And to the graduates, we hope that wherever your endeavors take you that you will continue to stay tied to your alma mater and read The Temple News as a link to the university.

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