Students for Liberty attend Paul rally at Independence Hall

The rally was held in a lead up to the Pa. republican primary election. A small contingent from Temple University Students for Liberty withstood the elements Sunday, April 22, for a chance to hear republican

JOHN MORTIZ TTN Aleksandr Fisher of the Temple University Students for Liberty attended the Ron Paul rally on Sunday, April 22. The liberartian group praised Paul for his message.

The rally was held in a lead up to the Pa. republican primary election.

A small contingent from Temple University Students for Liberty withstood the elements Sunday, April 22, for a chance to hear republican presidential primary candidate Ron Paul speak at a rally on the center lawn of Independence Park.

Led by Michelle Montalvo, a freshman communications major, three other students joined in the rally, holding up signs of support for one of the few candidates remaining in the race for the republican nomination.

“Hopefully by coming out to this rally we can show people that he has support and we are people not to be ignored,” Montalvo said.

Members of the Students for Liberty group, which recently changed its name from Temple Libertarians, said they support Paul, a congressman from Texas, because he stands out from other politicians.

“Ron Paul is basically the one politician I can trust now to be reliable and consistent with the message,” said, Aleksandr Fisher, a sophomore history and political science major. “I love liberty and I think he is the only politician that represents that right now.

Nick Brown, a freshman political science major, believes that the reason Paul is popular amongst younger voters is because they often feel disillusioned with the current political system.

“So many college students who know anything about the political system realize how messed it is, and needs more politicians like Ron Paul,” Brown said.

The rally, which was held on the lawn overlooking Independence Hall, featured several guest speakers who rallied around themes of foreign policy, an end to the Federal Reserve and national debt, the War on Drugs, and the need of politicians to adhere to the Constitution.

Michael Scheuer, the head of the CIA Bin Laden team, gave the opening speech in which he praised Paul’s non-intervention based foreign policy, and called the Obama administration’s actions in Sudan as “stupid.”

In his speech, Paul compared the current government with the “British tyranny” that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War.  Paul also likened his campaign to a “revolution” saying “[people] are looking at us to lead the charge back to liberty.”

“Young people like believing, feeling that they are part of a revolution,” Fisher said.

Paul also spoke about what he said was the “failure” of the War on Drugs, “if it is your own business, your own body, then it is up to you…if there is danger in something, you’re the one to decide upon that danger, not the government,” Paul said.

Paul’s speech was frequently interrupted by loud chants of “end the fed,” and “President Paul.”

Paul, who trails all other candidates in number of delegates with 63, emphasized that his campaign was not finished, stating that the large crowd gathered in the rain was a sign that there was a lot of life left.

“I thought the speech was powerful, he said everything he needed to say, all about liberty, all about markets, everything was good stuff,” Fisher said afterward.

Today, April 24, Pennsylvania will be holding its republican primary along with four other states. All but two delegates in the state are left undeclared, according to the New York Times.

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  1. Ron won IOWA and MINNESOTA for the Delegate Conventions. Still got the State GOP to go. 2 States down…48 to go!

    and the national convention in Tampa….

  2. Which goes to show you that college students aren’t necessarily any better at thinking and understanding complex issues than anyone else. If they had gotten any education in economics or political science yet, they’d know that Paul is a nice enough guy but has no grasp of anything more complicated than a slogan. When I was a student, at 20, I was a Randite. Then I grew up.

  3. Small contingent? Never heard of a couple of thousand people being called “small”

    What do they call te couple dozen people that show up or Romney, microscopic?

  4. It’s pretty sad that the mainstream media can’t seem to resist the urge to editorialize whenever they cover Ron Paul (assuming they do so at all).

    Meanwhile, here is a perfect example of unbiased journalism, and it is found in a humble student newspaper.

  5. Jose: Education “in economics or political science” is often a euphemism for indoctrination. Neither are exact sciences.

    carlos: Mr. Moritz said “A small contingent from Temple University Students for Liberty” and appears to be describing the group members he talks about in the article. It wasn’t a description of the entire event, although after dealing with the mainstream media’s constant misrepresentation I can certainly understand how you might read it that way.

  6. “JoseTheWrangler” sure sounds like he’s gownup?? Ron Pauls economics are sound and are NOT disputed by even mainstream Repub’s. Jose “Wrangler” go back to school I think these young patriots could teach you a thing or two(thousand)! Or maybe you could explain yourself on why his economics is a slogan. Come on, what specifically do you disagree on???

    ss// John the Wrangler

  7. I am really proud to be a Ron Paul supporter. I feel his platofrm is logical and often lied about. has it laid out clearly. We can no longer think the same game with a new name is going to work anymore. I know I will write his name if needed to get him at the helm. I also know I will do all I can to support Paul when he is POTUS if it means emails and call to my reps in Washington to support him also. Since it is clear election rigging has gone on with countrys not counted and ballots missing, to cacus meetings done illegally and corrected by RP supporters who spoke up, to main stream media not reporting correctly as in CNN and CBS, we supporter are strong organized and educated for this race thanks to RON PAUL. There is no magic pill folks it is time we work with a honest man who has been consistant for three decades and get our country out of this mess. romney is just another obama and look what that has done for us. We all need to stand by this man in anyway we can if we want to save america from corruption and a slide so far down we will never be able to make it back. I love America and we need RON PAUL at the helm.

  8. Have you noticed how despite the mainstream media’s attempt to put him out of site out of mind, Ron Paul has gained great recognition through secondary media. Good job America!

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