Support business district

The Editorial Board supports North Broad Renaissance’s investment plan into improving North Broad Street.

On Thursday, City Council President Darrell Clarke presented an ordinance to local residents that plans to create a Business Improvement District along North Broad Street.

The program, organized by the North Broad Renaissance, would charge businesses between Spring Garden Street and Indiana Avenue a fee of 0.0012% of their property value and use the fund to revitalize the area. 

The district would improve the economy and quality of life for residents. Fees collected would improve the expansion of existing resources, including cleaning litter and promoting local businesses in the area. 

North Broad Renaissance has a history of implementing initiatives that strengthen community ties and gives back to local residents. The Editorial Board commends the organization for embarking on a program that would benefit this area. The ordinance would add to a long list of impressive efforts.

We hope this program will come to fruition and strengthen community-business relationships along with sparking economic growth along North Broad Street. 

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