Sweet Treats

From mixed drinks to pancakes, Main Campus is brimming with sugary fare.

From mixed drinks to pancakes, Main Campus is brimming with sugary fare.

Cheesecakes and other 'sweet treats' cooldown customers. Betty Breznay TTN

Amid classes, work, homework and extracurricular activities, students often end up running on empty and find themselves in need of a quick pick-me-up. While a venti double-shot fat-free mocha latte from Starbucks is always an option – and a mouthful to order – sometimes the true solution is a sweet-and-sugary treat for less cash and a greater return.

The next time a sugar rush is in order to keep the day going smoothly, skip the candy aisle at 7-Eleven and check out these great places on Main Campus that satisfy a sweet tooth with scrumptious homemade treats.

Adriatic Grill
12th Street Food Pad Vendors

Woke up late for class? Need a sugar high? Stop by Adriatic Grill at the 12th Street Food Pad Vendors for a syrupy, sugary delight to go. The establishment sells soft, buttery French toast and French toast sticks, each at only $4 for a heaping serving. Both dishes are topped with powdered sugar and more than enough maple syrup on the side.

Plaza Pizza
1600 N. Broad St., at Avenue North

After a hearty meal of a cheesesteak, burger, gyro or pasta, indulge in one of Plaza Pizza’s homemade confections. The restaurant offers various treats sold by the piece, including carrot cake, cheesecake and chocolate cake, all priced at $3.25 plus tax.

Noshery Gourmet Café
1600 N. Broad St., at Avenue North

The frozen yogurt bandwagon has finally rolled onto Main Campus. Stop by Noshery Gourmet Café at Avenue North for an icy, refreshing low-fat treat. Noshery offers a variety of tart and fruity flavors, original and chocolate frozen yogurt and an array of nuts, fruits and candy toppings to customize your snack. Two sizes are available, and the price is determined by weight.

The Draught Horse
1431 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
For the 21-and-older crowd, the Draught Horse bar serves an array of liquid sweet treats. Try the Water Ice, with citrus-flavored vodka, Blackhaus Blackberry Schnapps, sour mix and Sprite, or a Dirty Girl Scout – a creamy-and-cool cocktail with vodka, coffee liqueur, green crème de menthe and cream. If someone else is buying you a sweet treat, try the Horse’s Cherry Cheesecake, made from vanilla vodka, pineapple and cranberry juices and grenadine.

-Alexis Sachdev

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