Temple alumnus and family appear on ‘Family Feud’

Donna Weaver, a 1992 journalism alumna, signed her family up to be on the show last year.

L-R: Nate Weaver, Jameson Weaver, Brady Weaver, Donna Weaver and Jim Weaver listen to the executive producer of the Family Feud show, coaching them on how to act and answer questions during the show at NBC Universal studios in May 2018. | NATE WEAVER / COURTESY

In a personal video interview audition for the Family Feud show at Cherry Hill, N.J., Nate Weaver’s brothers sang “Brown Eyed Girl,” replacing some lyrics with Steve Harvey’s name.

Weaver’s mother talked about her work at an activist group, while his father narrated his 20 years of coaching recreational baseball and basketball.

Nate Weaver, a 2019 media studies and production alumnus and his four family members appeared on Family Feud, a half-hour game show hosted by Steve Harvey at NBC Universal Studios, Los Angeles, where two families compete against each other for cash and prizes. The episode aired on Nov. 14. 

They had fun at the taping because of the interactions they had with Harvey and other families at the studio, Nate Weaver said. 

They competed with the Bussey family of four sisters and one cousin. The families were asked questions like “what is something that is better soft?” and “what ball is it impossible to play tennis with?” The Weavers lost the $20,000 cash prize to the Busseys at the conclusion of the show.

Brady Weaver, Nate Weaver’s brother, was called up to a podium to answer a question where Harvey complimented his bow tie.  

“I told him, I was like ‘man, this is your tie, … this is a Steve Harvey licensed bow tie’ and he was like ‘man, I love that,’” Brady Weaver said. “Then I showed off my bow tie to the camera a little bit, flaunting it off.” 

Donna Weaver, Nate Weaver’s mother and a 1992 Temple journalism alumna was proud of her sons for interacting well with Steve Harvey on set, she said. 

“For me, it took all the strength I had to be on camera like that because I’m not a natural,” Donna Weaver said.

Brady Weaver wittily answered some questions because he wanted to go viral, he said. He and Jameson Weaver, his older brother, also sang “Oh Danny Boy” to Steve Harvey and he joined the winning family in their victory dance after the show. 

“It was amazing,” Brady Weaver said. “Just our whole interaction with Steve Harvey and the producers before the show actually happened—it was a fun time.” 

The Weavers’ appearance on the show started with Donna Weaver registering her family for it after she saw a Facebook post about auditions in October 2018. She said being on national television would be great for her sons to get publicity and showcase their talent since two of them are in broadcasting fields and the oldest is a trained opera singer.

In November 2018, they were selected for the auditions that required a simulation of the game where they answered two questions from a mock host in competition with another family. They were invited to Los Angeles for a taping of the show six weeks later. 

“It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, they’re just looking for your enthusiasm level,” Donna Weaver said. “They are looking to see if you have personality.” 

During the audition and taping, Donna Weaver also said that she enjoyed interacting with families that were different from hers because she doesn’t get to experience that a lot. 

“It was kind of just a fun thing for the family to do,” Nate Weaver said. “Every family thinks they’re interesting and fun, but it was just a way for us to really show off our quirks.”

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