A much-needed expansion

The Editorial Board commends the decision to create a space for the schools and colleges that have lacked sufficient space in the past.

The Board of Trustees approved a $16 million in pre-construction designs for a building that will house the Klein College of Media and Communication and the Center for Performing and Cinematic Arts, in July.

The building will include an integrated student media center, providing space for all student media outlets to merge together under one roof. 

With WHIP Radio currently located in the TECH Center, and The Temple News and Templar sharing an office in the Student Center, the new structure will provide opportunities for student media to work closely together and collaborate.

The facility promises technological advancements that will serve both students and staff in keeping their education highly competitive and innovative, which is perfect for students entering the constantly changing media industry.

The Editorial Board thanks the university for recognizing these programs’ need for a new space on Main Campus. 

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