West Philly residents vote on best vegan mac and cheese

On Sunday, V Marks the Shop, the vegan food store, located between McKean and Hicks Street, hosted its fourth annual “Philly MAC-Down 4 – the Vegan MAC Attack” at the Rotunda in University City. Twelve participants competed for the best vegan mac and cheese recipe. For two hours, the Rotunda’s theatre space transformed into a large winding line where hundreds of people lined up to sample different vegan mac and cheese recipes, ranging from plain to jalapeño popper.

“The idea for the competition came from a friend,” said Carlo Giardina, the co-organizer. “We were eating, and she told me ‘Why don’t we have our own mac and cheese competition?’” The food is vegan, meaning it contains no animal by-products, because Giardina wanted to make the event different and provide options to the vegan community.

Attendees voted for the “Philly’s choice” category. They used their own criteria for their choice of the best mac and cheese, like cheesiness, texture and taste.

Rashanna Wade, a Philly resident, said, “Cheese and flavor are what I’m looking for today.”

Gregory D’s vegan mac and cheese took53 first place.

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